Borneo for Corporate Apps 1.6
Release Notes: Borneo for Corporate Apps 1.6

Expand discovery with developer secrets & send alerts to the right teams for immediate action

Find developer secrets (and more!) hiding in your corporate apps using Borneo’s new Infotype Categories

If the risk of developer secrets leaking into your corporate apps keeps you up at night, we have just the remedy for you. You can now enable whole categories of infotypes such as Developer Secrets or Government IDs and then search for them across all your corporate apps using Borneo’s Global Search.
Enable new Infotype Categories such as Developer Secrets and search for them!

Increase signal-to-noise and send incident alerts to just the right team or individual who can act upon them

Borneo can detect a wide range of sensitive infotypes across all of your corporate apps. To ensure the right team or individual is alerted when Borneo raises an incident, you can now configure fine-grained notification policies. Found AWS credentials shared in Confluence? Alert your cloud security team via Slack. Found sensitive customer data in GDrive? Create a JIRA ticket for your privacy team. Decide where to send incident notifications based on the detected infotype or infotype category and where it was detected.
Use the new notification policies to ensure alerts reach (only) the right teams.

Investigate & act upon sensitive data in GDrive and Gmail

Perform spot audits and fast-track your incident response by discovering sensitive data lurking in your Google GDrive and Gmail applications. You can now use Borneo to perform targeted scans using our new GDrive and Gmail integrations. Give your security and IT teams valuable insights to dig deep into the root causes of sensitive data violations. Then clean up the data to eliminate the risk of data exposure.
Start a new Gmail or GDrive scan to detect possibly exposed sensitive data.

Improved KYC sensitive data detection with the new US driver’s license infotype

If your business is required to abide by KYC (Know Your Customer), compliance professionals know they need to collect evidence that confirms their users identity. Often this confirmation is achieved through uploading a US driver license (and driver’s license number). We now support detection of this infotype across all our connectors so you can better manage and remediate.
New US driver’s license infotype
As IT and Compliance professional, you can now view sensitive data sharing trends and distribution of sensitive infotypes across your corporate Gmail account. Or build your own unique Kibana for your team’s specific needs!
New Gmail sensitive data reports in Borneo’s Kibana dashboards

Performance and Scalability Improvements

We are constantly improving the performance and scalability of the Borneo platform to keep pace with our customers’ rapidly growing data footprints. In this release, we have increased inspection capacity by 2x, improved service reliability under peak workloads, and optimized the Salesforce integration to reduce API calls and avoid the risk of throttling, among many other improvements.