Connect Borneo to your Slack channels to send incident alerts to your security team, so they can respond fast and address any potential security risks.

How to integrate

1. Create a new Slack App or use an existing one and create a new bot token for the app. Adjust the bot token's permissions under OAuth & Permissions to include the following scopes:
Note: To configure the above scopes incoming-webhooks needs to be enabled in the bot
2. Add the bot to the channel to which the alert needs to be sent (invite the bot to the channel).
3. Return to the Borneo dashboard and open the Configure > Notifications page; enable Slack notifications:
4. Enter the API token generated in step 1 (“bot token”). This will validate the token and fetch only the channels to which the bot is added.
5. Finish the setup by clicking the Next button. A test message will be sent to the selected channel. An error may be raised if the API token does not have sufficient permissions.
Use Notification Policies to configure under what conditions should JIRA issue /Slack Notification / Splunk Alert will be raised
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