Community version

Is the community version free?

Yes, the community version is free forever, we want our customers to be able to get basic data protection and privacy controls in place without wasting cycles on procurement or complex onboarding process.

What connectors are included in the free version?

AWS S3 in the Data Infra version and Slack in the SaaS version.

How much does it cost to run Borneo on our cloud account?

The monthly cloud infra cost average around ~$400 for mid-size deployments. We have designed our service for efficiency and petabyte scale.

Do I need a dedicated headcount to set up and operate Borneo?

Borneo works out of the box. The installation is pretty lightweight ~30mins, all are classifiers are pre-tuned, no setup or config is required. It is zero maintenance, and no decided resources are required for operations.

Does do you run inline ? will a Borneo outage have any impact of our production environment?

No, we do not intercept or run in-line (proxy). Hence we don't introduce any latency or point of failure for your existing data infra.